It was a wonderful festival.
Carina, Jean-Herve and the people who gathered there from many countries in the world...
They were so friendly and it seemed that they always tried to expand mental communications and harmonies among people.

So I felt that the players, the staffs and the audience were in a fifty-fifty relationship, and the festival was a collaboration between all the people there were.

After the festival I reflect about me.
...I should have been more friendly...

I noticed that I had a complex about communication.
I think it's causeed by the Japanese closed society.

The war exists.
But, I think...
It's very important to create my original music and also to accept others music with originality.
To transcend national borders and to make friends through music,
That's what I call being a truly avant-garde art.

with love

*** special thanks***
Carina Varain
Jean-Herve Peron (FAUST)
and all performers, crew, audience, friends

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